LG Autonomy will solve Nigeria's Problem - Real Estate Boss

 Real estate guru and managing director of Olageospatial Global Investment Company, OGIC Mr Fashina Olajide has said that the only solution to Nigeria's problem is for the federal government to grant autonomy to the local government.

Fashina disclosed this in an interview with newsmen said that if the system of government is not localised, it will be difficult to control.

Fashina maintained that the local areas are being impoverished by the system of government Nigeria is running.

He added that  the major thing  to checkmate to solve Nigeria 's problems is basically to solve the problem of insecurity, economy,  to industrialise the  nation, to do more investment in agriculture and a robust investment in technology and information technology. 

According to him, There are  774 local governments in Nigeria. Each of the local government area should be known for something. Local government should be able to exchange goods and services along local government lines and create wealth. It's the only way I see now to solve these problems. It's the only way forward. 

 "We've all agreed that every politics is local and governance too should be local. 

''If we do not localise our system of government, it will be difficult to control. Because if you look at it, the major thing that we need to checkmate to solve our problems as people is basically to solve the problem of insecurity, economy problem, to industrialise our nation and to do more investment in agriculture. And also, to have a robust investment in technology and information technology. 

"In those areas we will be able to provide jobs. If these things are done by the federal government only, it cannot really get down to the grassroot. If the state is handling it, it will only be some section of people that will benefit it. But if we localise government, that these things we are talking about, like investment in health sector, agriculture, education, infrastructure, each local government should be allowed to develop itself and grow. 

"What we will now find out is that some people will not leave there local areas because if a local government area is self-sufficient, people will just be enjoying their lives within the place they find themselves.

"By so doing, the movement from rural area to urban area will be minimised. That's the only way I think the nation can get better.

"Then you will now see that the real politicking will now  be taking place at the locale. That means we try to strengthen the local base.

"We see that alot of people will bring themselves out for service at the local base than going for National Assembly or being a governor or president because the local government area should be made competitive, productive and lucrative. Every local government should produce. 

"I say that because, if we break a problem down into  smaller unit  it will be easier to identify the main issues and it's easy to tackle. 

"So, if we are looking at the local government, the local government can now concern itself with the limited number of people residing in that local area. 

"Maybe a local government area might mot have a population of more than 2 million people residing there. It will be easy for people in that local government to do what we call population censure.

"They will be able to identify people going in and out of the local government; people working in the area, they should be able to cater for themselves. That's the only thing I see that can solve the bigger problem Nigeria is having today. 

"The local government should be allowed to construct their roads, drainage, source for source of energy, transportation and many other things.

"If it's done and each of the local government area is now connecting to each other, you will see that the whole problem has minimised itself.

"To me, to be honest with everybody, that's the superb way forward. You know when the local government is okay, you will see that most people will not have interest in moving to Lagos or other places that will be too congested. 

"We know that in the local areas there are a lot of land for agriculture, industries and  I think by so doing, the problem of hunger will be solved if not eradicated totally. 

"And if we take care of the health of the people at the local area, you'll see that it will solve a national problem. I see it as something we need to do.

"The local government should be allowed to have their own security outfits because, it will be easy for them to account for themselves. That's how I think the nation can grow.

"Also creating a sporting activities within the local areas; let youths in the local areas be able to compete with themselves. You will see that this youths sports we are talking about, if the local areas are buoyant themselves, have their own club, create their own sport festival and compete nationwide, you'll see that we will create more star in Nigeria. 

"But presently, the local areas are being impoverished by the system of government that we are running because they don't have control for development purposes in the local areas.

''If we do this, the problem in Nigeria  will be half solved within a year. 

"For example, look at Abeokuta, you'll virtually know the politicians within there, at least, it will be easy for you to identify your leaders and complaints can easily get to them in the areas they are not doing well and in the areas they should do well. The government will be closer to the people.

"That's why I feel, in my personal opinion, whoever that will become the next president of Nigeria should look into that. I believe every local government is blessed with something, and we just need to tap into it and in no time, the country will blossom" he concluded .

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