My emergence as the flagbearer of Allied People's Movement (APM)- Hon Micky Kazzim

My emergence as the flagbearer of Allied People's Movement (APM) for Abeokuta South Federal Constituency is by  popular interest cum homecoming to promote better legislation, more infrastructural growth, even development, equal distribution of wealth and youth engagement.

Movement to APM
 Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria provides the citizens some  fundamental rights and freedom which promote and/or protects the  democratic system and participating. Amongst such rights are freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom to vote and be voted for. Most especially freedom of life to all adults.
Therefore, to further the actualization of a selfless service to my nation, my constituents, my state and humanities in general, its important I form alliance with a credible party and also join  the movement with  people whom,  together we can work to achieve our common goals of national peace, development and progress. This I found in Allied People's Movement (APM), hence my movement from All Progressive Congress (APC) to APM. 
Categorically, I shouldn't be misquoted if I say APC and APM are children of same father but different mothers. Looking at the foundations of both parties, there is no need for any proof, it is obvious that, my recent movement from APC to APM is definitely a home-coming.
More importantly, well-meaning electorates in Abeokuta South Federal Constituency and fellow APM members let's work together as  vanguards in an allied movement of people with common goals of Effective Representation, Community Infrastructural Development, Poverty Alleviation and Youth Development.  

For a better Abeokuta South Federal Constituency.

Coming to Abeokuta South Federal Constituency from Abeokuta North is a guaranteed better and effective representation at the National Assembly, with notable impacts already been felt in the areas of Community Infrastructural Development, Poverty Alleviation and Youth Development. 
A strategic and purpose driven developmental program tagged Ko Ton Sibe (Its not over) was conceived and lunched in the year 2019. Immediately after the expiration of our tenure in the 8th assembly with an intension to continually keep in touch with the people, such that no developmental and/or communication gap would be created between Hon. Micky  Kazzim on hand and my constituents on the other hand. 
As a proof of our interest to better and make an effective push for a facelift in the plight of our constituents (indigenes and non-indigenes alike) in Abeokuta South, through the Ko Ton Sibe program, Hon. Micky Kazzim has facilitated the approval, construction and commissioning of notable life changing projects distributed across different locations within Abeokuta South Federal constituency.

In the area of Youth Development, six (6) different primary schools, with their respective classroom buildings were constructed, renovated, commissioned and  are already in use for our children within Abeokuta South Federal constituency. These projects were premised on the belief that,  today's children taught in a conducive, clean and fully equipped learning environment will definitely become good and reliable  future leaders, we had always dreamt of.
Firstly, Hon. Micky Kazizim facilitated the construction of eleven (11) classrooms in Our Lady of the Lords Primary School, Onikoko, Abeokuta. After that, Ko Ton Sibe moved to Methodist Primary School, Imo, Oke-yeke, Abeokuta where six (6) brand new classrooms were constructed plus fully innovated  ten (10) old delapidated classrooms to make learning easy and conducive for our children.
Also, Micky Kazzim lobbied and got the approval for the construction of another eleven (11) classrooms newly built in St Augustine Primary School, Adatan, Abeokuta.  Already constructed, commissioned and has since been in use by the pupils. While, in St James Primary School Idi-Aba, Hon. Micky facilitated the construction of twelve (12) newly built classrooms, already in use as well.
Its not over, in addition, Hon. Kazzim pitched and got the approval to build twelve (12) new classrooms each for another two (2) different schools, located within Abeokuta South Federal constituency. One, C.A.C Primary Lantoro, Abeokuta was identified for such need, and has since been a beneficiary. Secondly, A.N.L.G Primary School, at Ilugun Asalu, a boundary town between Abeokuta South and Abeokuta North local government areas is now a proud beneficiary of twelve (12) newly built class rooms already in use as well.
Recently, for Community Infrastructural Development, Hon. Micky  Kazzim held a meeting with the Abeokuta South Zonal Community Development Committee (CDC) to be abreast with the current communities needs, in a view to knowing how best to represent them effectively, as collaborators of government in different developmental efforts. This is to ensure a better Abeokuta South Federal Constituency.

In furtherance of Hon. Micky Kazzims Community Infrastructural Development programs, Mikky shocked Abeokuta South Zonal CDC by donating and handing-over to them, two (2) units of 500 KVA/11 KVA transformers. And have since been taken to Oke-Aregba and Abiola Way communities where there are pressing needs for transfomers. Personally, Hon. Micky monitored the handing-over process, till it got to  communities  identified by  the Zonal CDC for immediate installation.
More so, Hon. Micky Kazzim   Ko Ton Sibe community infrastructural development stride, identified the constant scarcity of portable water in Abeokuta South Federal Constituency. As observed, this is understandable and synonymous to Abeokuta being a rocky city. Abe-okuta as the name implies means under the rock. Hence, water generation becomes a major need for sustainance and survival of our people.
To salvage the situation as experienced in the city, Hon. Micky Kazzim has facilitated, constructed and handed-over for usage three (3) industrialized boreholes situated in different locations within Abeokuta South Federal Constituency. First, at Iyana-Motuary area, just behind Sawmill by INEC office.
The second was sunk at Kuto, opposite the Kuto motor parks. While, Hon. Micky Kazzim sought and got the approval to sink the third industrial borehole at Ake area, precisely Ita-Faji. All these industrialized water projects have since been in use by people, which serve as a succor to the constituents suffering for portable utility and drinkable water.
In the area of Youth Empowerment and  Poverty Alleviation, Hon. Micky Kazzim has distributed twenty-five (25) POS Kiosks to  empower youths who are involve in POS business, but has always been sitting under umbrellas. This is to prevent direct impact of the sunlight and provide a lockable facility useful not for POS withdrawal or payment businesses, but, also a shop for other petty trading activities.  
Conclusively, all these highlighted projects are not facilitated to compete with and/or rubbish the existing or ongoing state governors projects but to serve a complementary nation building and developmental projects to further proof that the time is now for Abeokuta South Federal Constituency to enjoy the dividends of democracy in terms of Effective Representation, Community Infrastructural Development, Poverty Alleviation and Youth Development. 

I therefore, call on all voters (indigenes and non-indigenes) in Abeokuta South Federal Constituency to elect me as your candidate to represent you at the National House Assembly, on the platform of Allied Peoples Movement (APM). I had track records, as tested political actors with verifiable success stories. Above listed projects were facilitated and executed as proof of my aspirations to you (as my constituents in Abeokuta South) that I can do more if I am elected in the coming 2023 general election. Please, lets join hands together to achieve this mandate for a better Abeokuta South Federal Constituency.

Why  Abeokuta South Federal Constituency?- 
One question that has frequently and continuously came to up as a result of my candidacy to represent my people in Abeokuta South Federal Constituency and its environs is Why  Abeokuta South Federal Constituency?. And to be the record straight, I am a complete Abeokuta man
It is not a contestable fact that, both Abeokuta South Local Government and Abeokuta North Local Government were ab initio called “Abeokuta Local Government”. The split has we have them today is to ensure even development, equal distribution common wealth and for dividends of democracy to reach every nooks and crannies of the city-  called Abeokuta.     
 As a complete Abeokuta man, one should be able to represent not less than six (6) areas   anywhere within the five (5) major divisions Abeokuta namely- Ake, Gbagura, Owu, Osile, and Ibara. This is possible because there is no way you would have robust paternal lineage without a proud maternal lineages as well.
I can therefore, call myself a complete Abeokuta man, having represented my Lumosas  compound (Agbole Lumosa) of Ward 6, Oke-Ido area in Gbagura, within Abeokuta North Federal Constituency. With loads of success stories.
Now my aspiration and candidacy is to represent Lumoyes compound (Agbole Lumoye) of Ward 1, Eruwon area within Abeokuta South Federal constituency. For the purpose of clarification, knowledge and understanding, Eruwon is my paternal grand-mothers village. And we (I, my siblings and other family members) have always been visiting Eruwon during festive period, right from our childhood. This is verifiable.
In words of my   political father- "you can't clap with one hand", please let's join hands together to achieve great infrastructural development, even distribution of welth and better Abeokuta South Federal Constituency as dreamt by our forebearers. For legislation and development that would be of benefit to the present and unborn generations in Abeokuta South.

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