PDP youth group calls for Cancellation of Election Results in Ogun, says process marred with over-voting

The Ogun State Coordinator of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP New Generation, Mr Sodeinde Daniel, has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to cancel the national assembly results especially the house of representatives election results in Abeokuta South Federal Constituency, describing the process as not only fraudulent but a manipulative process which does not reflect the true votes of the people.

Sodeinde made the call in a petition made available to journalists in Abeokuta on Sunday, expressing shock by the reports of incidents of how the inec adhoc staff compromised the process in favour of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC and series of manipulations which includes over-voting, vote buying and other irregularities in their bid to work for those in power across various polling units in the state.

He said: “The leadership of the PDP New generation is shocked by the revelations emanating from Ogun state after the presidential and national assembly elections which held on Saturday; where agents of the APC invaded various polling units manipulated the BVAS machines creating a situation where number of voters are more than accredited voters. 

Sodeinde said, "having studied the results carefully, the announced results does not conform or reflect the votes and wishes of the people of Ogun State. 

"There is a case where bvas could not capture or work properly and the people were allowed to vote in ward 10, unit 6 of Abeokuta South.

"There were series of over-voting resulting in more votes. Incidence of vote buying also pervaded the entire process. Indeed, this is not a true reflection of the votes and wishes of the people."

“Nigerians went into this election based on the assurances by INEC that the deployment of BVAS was a perfect antidote to electoral malpractices in Nigeria, but what transpired, if allowed to stand is purely a betrayal of trust by millions of Nigerians on INEC.

According to him, "the results were fraught with many irregularities, inflated figures, manipulations, fraud, over-voting and vote buying among other illegalities".  

It is on this basis we are rejecting the results and we are also calling on the Independent National Electoral Commission to cancel the results of the national assembly most especially the house of representatives in Abeokuta South Federal Constituency. 

Earlier, INEC had announced Afolabi Afuape of the APC as the winner having polled a total of 19,899 while his closest rival Toyin Amuzu of the PDP was said to have polled 13,663

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