Pelican Valley Complementing Gov Abiodun's Efforts In Job creation _ Ogun Perm Sec

A seasoned administrator and senior civil servant, Mr. Kehinde Onasanya, has lauded Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, a foremost real estate company, and the Management for complementing the state government’s efforts in jobs creation and housing developments to meet the housing needs of residents of Ogun State.

Onasanya who is a Permanent Secretary (PS) in the state civil service, said government alone cannot address all of the People’s needs, explaining this informed why governor Dapo Abiodun is encouraging private sector to tap into what he is doing to bring about rapid socioeconomic development of the state and individual prosperity of the people.

He spoke shortly during a courtesy visit to the CEO of Pelican-Valley Estate, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo at Pelican-Valley estate, Abeokuta, the state capital on Wednesday.

Describing governor Dapo Abiodun as a highly focused and responsible Governor, the PS said this explained why Abiodun’s administration is encouraging operators in the private sector to tap into what he is doing in the state, even as he commended the management of Pelican Valley for doing marvelously well in that direction.

He also lauded the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the real estate firm, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, for his proven integrity, transparent character, vision, epitome of excellence and a man of great humility, assuring that he would continue to encourage people home and abroad to invest in Pelican Valley real estate projects.

Onasanya also commended the firm for appreciating his modest role in the last 12 years.

"Let me thank God for a time like this. You said that you were one of those who were with me when I was press officer at the Governor’s office and that was between 2003 and 2011. Well, your antecedent speaks a lot. Very honest, very transparent and very hard working. I discovered all those traits in you. So, when you brought this your idea of, ‘I have landed property, come and introduce me to your friends,’ I never hesitated based on the fact that you have the pedigree and I want to say that I’m proud of you today. Turning vision into reality is not easy but God has really helped you to achieve your goals. You are not money conscious because, if you had ploughed all those money made from selling the land into personal coffer, you won’t be telling this story. It shows that you are a man of vision, you are committed to your goals and God is on your side.

So, the sky is just your limit and I will still continue to introduce people to you.You are an award winner well recognised by the Ogun State government, highly focused and committed. You are a pride to the younger generation and as you continue to encourage the young ones, you are epitome of excellence and a man of great humility. And with what I have seen at Pelican brief, the environment and in this Pelican Valley, you have turned waste to wealth. A common environment is now an uncommon environment and people are happy, your clients are happy. Testimonies are all over. You hear Pelican Valley, Pelican Valley. I want to share a kind of experience with you.I sent your brief to one of my friends in the US and when he saw it, he said, ‘Ah Pelican, can you actually confirm this person?’ Do you know what I did? That day I sent another text message to you asking you to send that link of the brief to me. I sent the link to the person and he said, ‘This person is different from others. I agreed with you. Kenny, continue to have good relationship with such honest personality.

So, I’m proud of you. In the case of my sister Mrs Oduntan, she approached me that she wanted a landed property in Abeokuta apart from Government property. Don’t forget that in Ogun State today, we have a highly focused and responsible Governor. He is encouraging private sector to tap into what he is doing. It is all about development. So, we have well constructed estates in Government circle but now you are complementing government’s efforts because the state government cannot do it alone. So, you have done very well.

And back to the sister, she asked, “Apart from Government , what of private? Initially I mentioned Laderin, she said, ‘The place is saturated.’ I told her not to worry, that I would introduce her to another person. I introduced her to Pelican-Valley and She immediately caught the vision and she sent her sister. You know the story. You are a man of taste. It shows on you, the outward and inward. I have discussed with you, you are highly cerebral. And by the Grace of God you will continue to prosper. I will appeal to our people, to key into Pelican Valley and Pelican Brief because they are places to be and invest. Your investment will not be wasted. And Ogun State government appreciates you by conferring partnership awards on you through the ministry of Urban and Physical Planning. We thank God for everything,” Onasanya said.

Speaking earlier, the CEO of Pelican Valley, Dr. Adeyemo recalled how the enduring healthy relationship between him and the Permanent Secretary has continued to be a source of encouragement and blessings to his real estate business.

The awards winning realtor said he would continue to cherish the relationship, assuring that he would neither take it for granted nor abuse the privilege there in.

Adeyemo commended Onasanya for being such a great mentor, administrator and having the knack for discovering talents at their inchoate stage and helping them to blossom to limelight for the good of society, Nation and humanity.

Adeyemo said, “I’m not surprised You became a Permanent Secretary and by God’s grace, you will be promoted because administration is about vision. You have the vision and it is not something anyone can learn in school. Administration is in born. What is administration? It is an ability to discover people and raw talents before they become very very glaring. For you to have discovered me then, and do much more to encourage us, it shows that the administrative acumen is inborn in you.And I believe Ogun State government and the state generally have a lot to benefit from People like you. You are, to me, being a PS, you are still being under utilised. I believe you still need to be utilised optimally and by the Grace of God it will happen.

It is another scorecard for Pelican Valley today because this is like over a decade relationship, little did people know what Mr. Onasanya introduced my very first client in real Estate business to me over ten years ago and up till now the client you brought, has brought another client to us and without complain.. The property the said client bought for eight hundred thousand naira then is now worth twenty million naira. I cherish the relationship with Mr. Onasanya and I will never abuse the privilege of the relationship or take it for granted. Today you have come to sign documents on behalf of another client.

So, it shows that Pelican Valley Nigeria limited is not only consistent in building healthy relationship but it is also consistent in sustaining it over a very long period and sincerely I said it today that despite the short notice you still made it to this place. It is our pleasure to let you know that Pelican Valley Nigeria limited has made arrangements with our of the best and famous Chinese restaurant for you to get a meal of choice daily for two weeks to be delivered to you wherever you are, Either launch or breakfast to appreciate you. You worth more than that. God will keep you and by the Grace of God, we will continue to tap on the relationship and your kind gesture.

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