Infuse Youths Into Governance, Ogun Royal Father Tasks Tinubu

In a bid to promote youth participation in governance, Oba Adewunmi Adeniji Odutala, a notable traditional ruler in Ogun State, has urged  President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to integrate young people into the country's political system. 

Oba Adeniji Odutala, who is the onibudo of Ayetoro-Budo Ota local government area of Ogun State disclosed this in his congratulatory message to the President on Wednesday.

He emphasized that the inclusion of youths in governance is crucial to the development of the country, as they represent a significant proportion of the population and possess innovative ideas that can drive sustainable growth.

The traditional ruler also highlighted the need for Tinubu's administration to prioritize education and job creation for the youth, noting that the current high unemployment rate in the country is a major concern that must be addressed urgently.

According to Oba Adeniji Odutala, "the government must create opportunities for young people to acquire skills that will enable them to contribute meaningfully to the development of the country. We need to see more young people in leadership positions, not only in politics but also in business and other sectors."

Oba Adeniji Odutala expressed optimism that Tinubu's administration would prioritize the welfare of young people and work towards creating an inclusive society where everyone can thrive.

His words "Our love for our country gradually diminishing into hate for many youths would rather deny the identity of being a Nigerian, than own up outside the shores of this country to carry a green passport.

"I Oba Adewunmi Adeniji Odutala, Onibudo of Aiyetoro-Budo, I'm a proud green passport carrier. Even before I became a king, I have always being a custodian of our heritage, and an embodiment of culture and values. 

"These are the very things that kept us rich in all spheres by the calculation of the rest of the world, especially among those with advanced economies. They scrambled to have a piece of the pie called Nigeria; the same country being disdained by her own citizens.

"Your Excellency, Mr President, you have the unique opportunity to change this narrative. You are presented with a rare privilege to turn the ship of this country around and away from hitting the rocks. I am not bewildered at all by the current wave of challenges bedeviling our dear country because I know you are a man gifted with the rare ability to straighten structures and create one where needed. 

"I am not in doubt of your ability to finish the laudable projects of the outgoing administration and begin the rebuilding process of our economy.

"But I have fears your Excellency and for good reasons too. It is incredibly important that you spend every waking moment in that office correcting the ills of your predecessor and forging a new path for your administration. You must make your mark by putting Nigeria on a steady path of growth and development. Lagos was your spring board. Today, it is the reference point for your capabilities.

"Sir, you must make a new mark everyday. Do not allow the whims and caprices of politicians and detractors derail your government. 

"You have set an agenda, stick to it without prejudice. Infuse the youths into governance; give traditional rulers constitutional roles to help in tackling insecurity and conflict resolution in our various domains, Clean up the political space in the country, end the tribal sentiment as much as you can, give every man, woman and child a sense of belonging.

"I pray that the Almighty God gives you wisdom to triumph in this endeavour and the ability to write your name in gold such that the world will always refer toyou as the man who turned Nigeria around for good, giving her a space among the comity of nations."



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