Pelican CEO Dr Adeyemo Establishes Oko Opo Foundation to Empower Widows, Orphans in Nigeria

In a bid to empower widows and orphans across Nigeria, Dr Adeyemo, CEO of Pelican-Valley Nigeria Ltd, is set to established the Oko Opo Foundation, a philanthropic initiative aimed at providing support and opportunities for the vulnerable members of society.

Speaking with Oxygist, Adeyemo expressed his motivation behind the foundation, stating, "This Foundation is an avenue for me to give back to society. It's not about money; it's about making a positive impact on the lives of those who need it the most."

The Oko Opo Foundation will focus on a range of activities to uplift and empower its beneficiaries. Through direct assessment, the foundation will identify and bring together widows and orphans from different communities. Individuals will have the opportunity to walk in, be interviewed, and submit their credentials, which will then be verified to determine their specific needs and strengths.

"We want to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and the opportunities available to them," said Dr Adeyemo. "Based on the interviews, we will offer interest-free loans, allocate land for farming activities, and build low-income houses with modern facilities to address housing challenges."

The Foundation's vision extends beyond just providing basic necessities. Dr Adeyemo revealed that Oko Opo is collaborating with partners in the United States to establish an old people's home, a farm market, and a farm estate to create employment opportunities for widows and elderly individuals seeking to stay active and combat boredom.

When questioned about the financial aspect of the initiative, Dr Adeyemo remained confident. "Goodwill is very important," he said. "I have already received support from over 1000 Nigerians in the Diaspora through our Pelican Real Estate project. People recognize sincerity of purpose, and they are ready and willing to contribute to a worthy cause."

He also highlighted the importance of transparency and leading by example, mentioning that he had already invested nearly N70 million in a multipurpose hall for the Foundation and donated five acres of prime land.

The Oko Opo Foundation's logo carries a powerful message, featuring a caricature image of a malnourished, dying child with a vulture in the background, symbolizing the current plight of many Nigerian orphans and widows. Dr Adeyemo explained that the Foundation's mission is to rescue and uplift these vulnerable individuals.

The official launch of the Oko Opo Foundation is scheduled for September. Dr Adeyemo emphasized the Foundation's significant online presence, stating that they will engage people through various online programs, allowing interested individuals to donate willingly.

The establishment of the Oko Opo Foundation marks a milestone in the philanthropic landscape of Nigeria, and Dr Adeyemo's optimism reflects a strong belief in the potential for positive change in the lives of widows and orphans across the nation.

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