60th Anniversary: Cleric advises Nigerians to embrace unity

A charismatic spiritual leader of the Celestial Church of Christ Ijaiye Abeokuta Evangelist Joseph Ojulanfe Talon has urged Nigerians to embrace unity, despite the challenges bedevilling the country.

He disclosed this in a press conference  in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the church held at the church auditorium Ijaiye Abeokuta on Tuesday.

In his  speech, Evangelist Talon emphasized the pivotal role of prayer in solving the nation's problems. He passionately conveyed that Nigerians needed to come together in unity, for in unity, they would find God's readiness to intervene and alleviate their challenges.

He said "all that we need as a country in the current situation is to call all churches and Nigerians to fight the battle together with prayer."

Talon equally emphasized the need for Nigerians to shun evil and move closer to God in repentance, adding that it is hypocritical to seek God's intervention for Nigeria while corruption reigns in the affairs of the people.

"I want to urge everyone that we should embrace unity because if there is the unity we can all win together, we believe and pray that we shall all be successful". 

"Let there be unity among everyone"
He also told Nigerians to believe in God and accept God to the fullest. 

Present at the briefing were: State Evangelist for Ogun Shepherd Joseph Talon, Assist. Shepherd Olayinka Are, Superior Evangelist Fagbohun, Venerable Pastor Yemi Adesegun, and secretary of the organizing committee Oluyonmbo Olusoji and others.

Other programs for the 60th anniversary is 
Prophetic consultation on 14th of August, Bible quiz starting by 2 pm and Onibode celebration by 6: till down.
On the 15th of August, SBJ memorial lecture.
16th of August Revival and prophetic consultation 
17th of August, Pep talk and youth night.
August 18th Prophetic and Prophetess Day and raffle draw.
19th of August Environmental sanitation.
20th of August, Harvest Day.
21st Basa Day celebration.


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