FUNAAB Reiterates Implementation of Senate-Approved Dress Code Amidst Controversy

The Management of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta* has reiterated its position to fully implement the dress codes for students of the University as approved by the University Senate on 18th July , 2017. 

This was disclosed in a statement signed by the Registrar Bola Adekola on Monday.

This decision was made clear  at a meeting that the University Management held with a cross section of stakeholders of the University. 

The meeting was held as a fallout of the ugly incidents that happened on Saturday, September 9, 2023 at the University MAIN GATE where a set of students holding an unapproved  religious programme  mobilised  some external groups to assault some security officials of the university at their duty posts *who were* enforcing the rules and regulations of the university. It took the *timely* intervention of the law *enforcement agencies* to bring the situation under control. 

The University Management wishes to emphasise and affirm that at no time since 2017 has the decision on Dress code was modified or reviewed. 

"The present attempt by some set of people to bring religious colouration to the approved dress code is unfortunate. It therefore *warns* all those involved in profiling University officials who are implementing the rules to tarnish them with the brush of  religious *bigotry* to *desist from such unpatriotic action* henceforth.  

"The several cyber stalking and online attacks on University staff on this issue by this group of students and their sponsors *have* been reported to security agencies for further investigation with a view to *calling  to order those who are hell bent on destabilizing the much cherished prevailing peace dealing in the University.* 

"Management wishes to assure the University Community that the extant rules and regulations that are aimed at ensuring peace and conducive learning environment will be implemented to the letters.

 "All students are admonished to go about their normal approved  activities in the University and never allow themselves to be used by any sponsor(s) *or engaged agents* to destabilize the prevailing and desired peace in the university. 

"For the upteenth time, it is emphasized that all students are not allowed to wear any dress that will make it impossible to identify them facially while on the university premises.

"Any student found to be placing himself or herself above the laws of the university shall be dealt with in line with the rules and regulations of the University and in line with the Matriculation oath attested to upon their admission into the university. 

"Management has fully directed the Security Unit *Not to allow any student or visitor who wears any  dress that is against the approved dress code of the  university.

"Lecturers, Library officials and other staff of the University are also enjoined to report any infraction of the University rules in this regard. "

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