They've started on Wasiu Ayinde the Fuji Musician popularly known as K1 again

By  Adedipe Dauda Ewenla 
What is the exactly our Islamic sheikh and scholars problem in Nigeria most they criticized in everything? 

What concerns them on Wasiu Ayinde Olori Omo Oba Akile of Ijebuland Traditional right (Ipebi) which is just like wasting of time and money because there's nothing like (Ipebi) Traditional right for Olori Omo Oba Akile of Ijebuland Title 

Olori Omo Oba Akile of Ijebuland is just an honorary title Chief the Title is not recognized anywhere except in Ijebu Ode and the title didn't require any Traditional right perform (Ipebi) I don't know where Wasiu Ayinde and some Ijebu derived or starting (Ipebi) traditional right for the Title in Ijebu Ode 

Only Kind (Oba) Generalissimo (Aare ona kakanfo) of Yorubaland and Bahorun of Ibadan can only perform Traditional right (Ipebi) before they can be installed and Recognized as a Title in Yorubaland 

If Wasiu Ayinde want stylishly spend his money or upgrade his Olori Omo Oba Akile of Ijebuland to his people I think is not anybody's problem

Wasiu Ayinde is a Muslim and he even has Mosque in his house and that doesn't mean he will forget his Culture and traditions or reject an honorary Title Olori Omo Oba Akile of Ijebuland honor by Awujale of Ijebuland so why disowned him by saying is not a Muslim because he practice traditional right (Ipebi) the Title that is not recognized more than Ijebu Ode not even every Ijebuland talkless of Remo land and that is how they started against Tani Olohun Issues that make so many people discouraged in Islam 

Many people are already discouraged in Islam and our Islamic sheikh trying to spoil islamic religion just because of their personal interest but claiming fighting for Islam and almighty Allah  

Prince Amb (Dr) Adedipe Dauda Ewenla Nis DiL Bsc Msc 

Look at how people are converting from Islam religion to traditional worshipers religion. Some of our Islamic scholars and Sheikh can't preach the words of God without criticizing other religions many of them don't even preach the words of God again but fighting on social media platforms 

Some of Islamic scholars are fighting themselves on social media platforms like they're not the same Muslim and they've promoted traditional worshipers religion to the world and some people ayes has opened and prefer traditional worshipers religion than Islamic religion because of our Islamic scholars and Sheikh indiscipline and personal interest 

Islamic is a religion of peace but do we practice or preach peace? Why use police or court to fight for our religion instead of preaching the words of God Tani Olohun was a Muslim what lead him to traditional worshipers and why not try to convert him back to Islam by preaching the words of to him instead of threatening him or arrested him by police to the extent of taken him to court and remanded in correctional center 

Our Islamic scholars and Sheikh including those called upcoming Alfa used social media platforms to promote Tani Olohun to the general public in fact thousands of Alfa and Islamic scholars present in court like a jobless set of people every court date video and interview people on social media so unfortunate 

Security Expert
Prince Amb (Dr) Adedipe Dauda Ewenla
Nis DiL Bsc Msc

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