Rehoboth CEO Advocates Diversification of Nigeria's Economy into Real Estate

In a bid to explore and maximize Nigeria's untapped potential beyond the oil sector, Mr. Samson Omoniyi, the Chief Executive Officer  of Rehoboth Ezzy Homes Limited, has urged the federal government to shift its focus towards the real estate sector. 

Omoniyi disclosed this while allocating portion of lands to some of his clients at the company's  Kobape site in Abeokuta Ogun State Capital.

Highlighting the abundance of arable land and opportunities for residential and commercial development in the country, Omoniyi emphasized the need for increased efforts in providing affordable federal housing to address the issue of homelessness.
Omoniyi expressed concern about the alarming number of people forced to sleep under bridges due to housing shortages, despite the availability of land resources. He urged the government to intensify its efforts in real estate development as a means of combating this crisis.

The CEO also addressed the issue of scams and fraudulent activities in the real estate industry, citing its immense potential and value. 
He urged potential buyers to conduct thorough due diligence before making any property investments, cautioning against purchases under government acquisition and advocating for responsible and secure real estate transactions.

Rehoboth Ezzy Homes Limited, as a company, has taken a proactive stance against such issues. 

Omoniyi highlighted the company's dedication to protecting its clients, ensuring that they are not victims of scams or insecure property acquisitions.
 He stressed the importance of a secure and transparent investment process for the company's clients.

According to him "Currently, Rehoboth Ezzy Homes Limited is offering plots of land at an affordable rate of 500,000 Nigerian Naira per plot and has allocated over 50  plots of land to clients.

"As a company our major priority is to secure our clients , you're not buying from somebody who will scam you , we have been able to eliminate insecurity as a company , as an individual is now left to them also to make sure after buying it from us we encourage our people to make sure they take their time and start doing their projects and they should be rest assured that no government is coming to take their land because is not  government acquisition "Omo Onile" is not coming to disturb you ."
Clients of Rehoboth Ezzy Homes Limited, such as Mr. Amusa Suleiman and Miss Ayanwu Victoria, have expressed their satisfaction and trust in the company. 

They praised the security, transparency, and peace of mind associated with their property purchases through the company.

Mr. Suleiman commended Rehoboth Company, stating that his partnership with the company has been a decision without regrets.
 He emphasized the security and potential for future investment offered by the company.

Miss Victoria shared her excitement and contentment with her land purchase, describing it as not just acquiring property but obtaining peace of mind. She stressed the importance of investing in the future.
 Rehoboth Ezzy Homes Limited serves as a shining example of a company working to promote secure and responsible real estate investments, while CEO Samson Omoniyi continues to advocate for the diversification of Nigeria's economy into the thriving real estate sector.


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