A-Court: ACOMORAN hails Abiodun's victory as well-deserving

The Amalgamated Commercials Tricycle And Motorcycle Owners, Repairers And Riders Association of Nigeria (ACOMORAN) has extended its heartfelt congratulations to Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State, following the recent affirmation of his victory in the at the Appeal Court.

In a resolute show of support, the appeal court upheld the earlier decision of the election tribunal, officially affirming Governor Abiodun as the rightful winner of the highly contested Ogun State governorship election held earlier this year. 

The news has been received with great enthusiasm and commendation from various quarters, including ACOMORAN.

 In a statement released by the Chairman of the Association in the state, Acom Kayode Showunmi, ACOMORAN hailed Governor Abiodun's victory as well-deserved, highlighting his unwavering dedication to good governance and inclusive development.

"ACOMORAN congratulates Governor Dapo Abiodun on his victory at the Appeal Court. We firmly believe that his leadership will drive positive change and foster development in Ogun State," said Sowunmi.

"We have witnessed his commitment to improving the lives of the people and his tireless efforts in ensuring a peaceful coexistence between commercial motorcycle riders and other road users in the state. We are confident that his second term will bring even greater progress."

ACOMORAN acknowledged the governor's policies aimed at enhancing transportation infrastructure, promoting security, and creating job opportunities within the state.

 The association commended Governor Abiodun for his ongoing initiatives in the transportation sector and pledged its continued support to his administration.

Sowunmi said the recognition and support from ACOMORAN come at a crucial juncture for Governor Abiodun as he embarks on his second term in office. 

He added that with  the court's affirmation of Abiodun’s victory, the Governor can now focus on implementing his agenda for the state without any legal distractions.

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