Prestige Newspaper Reflects on Journalism Challenges, Nation's Building At 32nd Anniversary

The NUJ Hall at Iwe-Iroyin, Okelewo, Abeokuta, buzzed with energy on Sunday, December 10, 2023, as Prestige Newspaper marked its 32nd anniversary, drawing critical stakeholders from across the country.

 The event, a testament to the newspaper's commitment to balanced and unbiased reporting, was hailed as a beacon of hope for the nation.

In her remarks, the former Head of Service in Ogun State Mrs. Iyabo Odulate, lauded Prestige Newspaper for its reputable status, emphasizing the importance of media organizations considering the needs of the populace while striving for profitability. 

She commended the newspaper's record and urged others in the industry to emulate such ethical standards.
In his lecture titled “The Role of Community Media In Nation Building,” former Director of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Sir Eddy Aina, urged media stakeholders to stand firm as solution providers for the nation's development.

 He addressed the financial challenges faced by media houses, attributing them to the method of license issuance in the country.

Addressing the gathering, Ambassador Tunde Oladunjoye, the Publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Congress in the state, urged media houses to reaffirm their commitment to unity. 

He emphasized the media's powerful role in shaping national discourse and encouraged a focus on topics that bring people together rather than drive them apart.

“On the topic of Nation building, it is a challenge for everybody even our educational structure. When i was in secondary school even from primary, we started learning Civic Education which i don’t think we have in our syllabus today. We were then taught about patriotism and so on.
“What the media needs to do is to continue it basic obligation and expectation, Education, information, entertainment and enlightenment. We will be continue to talk about what brings us together than what put us apart. Our colleagues should know that the media is very powerful. Don’t just assumed that what you are writing especially in this ages at the corner of your room it will have so many implications."

The Publisher of Prestige Newspaper, Elder Dada Olanipekun, shared his journey in journalism, emphasizing the importance of ethical practices and sustainability. 

He discouraged junior colleagues from succumbing to the lure of 'Brown Envelopes,' stressing the need to prioritize ideas over financial gains.

Olanipekun expressed, "If you are a Professionally trained person, you will want to practice and you won’t deviate from the ethical aspect of your Profession. Honestly, I feel proud and I feel good that God has been wonderful to me in terms of sustainability of the Newspaper. 

"Papers are dying and many things are wrong by either the publishers or reporters.

“It is our social responsibility to root for the citizens. They have nobody because they go up and down, they will come for you. The media must look at the pain people are going through and be able to identify the pain of the masses because the media too is within the masses. 

"We are human beings too and we must make sure that the interest of the masses is our priority. You are practicing and you are not bothering about human beings or communities but you are only bothering about Government. 

"I’m afraid because those in government will leave and become citizens too and they will be running after you.

“I must confess to you, If you are  principled, person and you want to achieve anything, you will achieve it. If the ethical aspect of media is properly done, you will survive too. "

The event also featured the recognition of individuals with Meritorious Awards and the unveiling of the new edition of Prestige Newspaper, marking another milestone in its enduring commitment to journalism excellence.

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