Conduct Due Diligence Before Purchasing any property, Crestline CEO Urges Property Buyers

The Chief Executive Officer of Crestline Properties Nigeria Limited, Mr Samuel Somide has urged Property buyers to do a proper due diligence before purchasing any property.

Mr Samuel Somide disclosed this at the Ogun Medal Links Media African Award 2023 held at Valley View, Isale Igbeyin, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The CEO shed light on the paramount importance of due diligence in the real estate industry, emphasizing its global significance.

 He expressed his concern about the disheartening demolitions of properties, attributing it partially to the absence of thorough due diligence.

The CEO urged all prospective land and property buyers in Nigeria to conduct comprehensive research and obtain vital information before making a purchase.

Somide said Crestline Properties is poised to set a new standard in the Nigerian real estate landscape over the next five years. 

He cited two key features that distinguish Crestline Properties from other real estates. 

The CEO said the company possess government-approved layouts for their estates, offering buyers assurance of no complications with land use. 

" Crestline Properties is committed to developing hundred percent of the necessary infrastructure within their estates, effectively creating mini cities where buyers only need to focus on constructing their homes.

Mr. Somide highlighted three critical steps for potential land buyers. The first, "charting," involves acquiring comprehensive information about the land.

 Second, he stressed the importance of investigating the track record of real estate companies before making a purchase.

 He therefore urged buyers to verify the zoning information of the land, as improper zoning could lead to governmental complications and approvals.

 "You don't buy a land from just any real estate company; you must try to find out what the track record is. It is important to get the zoning information of any land you want to buy."


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