NSCDC Urges Collective Effort to Combat Cultism in Ogun

... Emphasizes Education, Parental Guidance as Crucial Tools

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) in Ogun State has identified education and parental guidance as crucial tools in addressing the escalating threat of cultism, particularly in the Sagamu area. 

Commandant Idowu Ojelabi emphasized this during a recent meeting with the executive members of Ogun NUJ Federated Chapel in Abeokuta on Wednesday.

Citing the pressing concern of cultism among young individuals, Commandant Ojelabi urged stakeholders to recognize their responsibility in supporting government efforts to combat vices in the state. 

He underscored the significance of quality education and parental guidance as potential deterrents against cultism.

Commandant Ojelabi highlighted the pivotal role of education in preventing youth involvement in cult activities. 

Emphasizing the need for an environment that fosters both quality education and the impartation of moral values, he stressed the importance of equipping young people with life skills to steer them away from negative influences.

His words "When talking about tackling cultism in Ogun, we must talk about education.  When you talk of schooling now, we are not only talking about western education but also parents too must give their children an informal education. 

Members of Ogun NUJ Federated Chapel Executives with  Commandant David Ojelabi

"We believe that the best way to tackle cultism in our society is through education," expressed Commandant Ojelabi. "By providing our youth with access to quality education and instilling in them the values of integrity, discipline, and tolerance, we can build a strong foundation that resists the appeal of destructive ideologies."

"Parents hold the key to unlocking the potential of their children. It is vital for parents to constantly engage with their children, listen to their concerns, and provide the necessary guidance to keep them on the right path.

He also stressed the need for stakeholders to support the state government in addressing the issues..

"All hands need to be on deck. parents need to play their part, tradition rulers and CDA need to play their part. These cultists live amongst us. People know where they work. NGOs, media too must play their part. we need to sensitize the youths. We should start sensitizing them from primary school.”
Chairman Ogun NUJ Federated Chapel, Prince Juwon Opayemi with Ogun NSCDC Commandant , Commandant David Ojelabi 

In his remarks, the Chairman of Ogun NUJ Federated Chapel, Prince Juwon Opayemi, commended the NSCDC's efforts towards the safety of Ogun citizens. 

He urged the Command to continue to collaborate with the media and assured the commandant of adequate news reportage whenever the need arises.


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